The Truth About the Pressures on Women

The Truth About the Pressures on Women

Most people believe that a woman can easily jump back into the workforce or pick up her old dreams, aspirations and goals once her children are grown up and her job is done – she is no longer needed in the same way to raise her children.

But the truth is, a woman can lose all sense of confidence and identity because she has been completely out of touch with herself for so long, that she cannot recognize who she is or what she even wants for her life.


A woman is more likely to give up a piece of herself and sacrifice who she was, so she can nurture and raise her family. We have seen this over generations. We see it right in our own lives.

Postposing goals and dreams she once had. Resisting to speak up for herself when she longs to see and do the things that bring her joy and happiness.

Guilt and shame quickly reminds her that she made the choice to put so much of herself on hold so she can be the mother-partner-woman she was taught to be. The pain of watching the world around her progress and move forward… but she feels stuck. Longing to connect to herself. Wondering when it all started to slip away.

She loves her family deeply – never underestimate the power of her love. It was never about that. It was always about the conflicting voices that push and pull her in every direction.

Every direction, but her own.

The inner voice, her intuition has held her deeply. Her intuition has been the guiding wisdom she was born with and trusted.

Over time and with a multitude of outside conditioning, women lose touch with their intuition and have unknowingly silenced that voice because it became distorted by the world.


The outside expectations that are put on us to bolster up our family, outweigh our deep longing to stay connected to our essence. The sacrifice to put everyone’s needs ahead of one’s own is glorified and often referred to as selfless and noble.

Women will put the needs of others in front of their own. Slowly putting those once deeply held dreams on the shelf of life… one by one. We stack them neatly and gently, reminding ourselves that once the kids are grown up, or once we reach a certain income level, or once our partner has reached their full potential, then we can come back and take those dreams off the shelf again.

The shelf collects and stores. But more priorities take our time and energy. Until one day, the shelf has been overfilled with the things of the world. Cluttered, discouraged and hopeless.

How can we feel so alone when we have everything we could have ever wanted?
Why do we feel unfulfilled when this was the choice we made?
How can we admit that we know we are meant for more without being perceived as selfish?

Truth of the matter is, it happens to more women than we could ever imagine. It happened to me, it happened to the women I coach, a wide range of women who are able to admit to the silent suffering because they are ready to rediscover who they are again.


How do we, as women – mothers – partners, bring ourselves back into the mix of our own lives to be fully engaged and living life to the fullest, without sacrificing the most important part of our lives?

It starts with awareness. An awareness of the fact that social pressures and expectations that we have witnessed through our role models growing up and our peers, have been limiting women in what they are so capable of doing and not solely on what they SHOULD be doing.

It’s time to be open and honest with ourselves. To freely accept that little by little, the sacrificing of who we are in order to fall in line and do what is expected of us should no longer be the way we model to the generations that look up to us now.

We need to break the cycle. The cycle that has held us down in such a way that countless women are waking up each day on auto-pilot.

Talk and Ask Questions

Having conversations with those around us to normalize this awareness is key. Ask yourself these questions and I invite you to journal about it.

  • Do I feel like all of my deepest needs and desires are met?
  • If not, where is the void and how are you currently trying to fill it?
  • If you had the opportunity (without limits or challenges) what would you want for yourself?
  • Can you identify when you started to quiet your deep inner wisdom, your intuition, because the outside voices were much louder than yours?
  • Who can you have this honest and candid conversation with in your life? Simply for the sake of bringing awareness to this generational conditioning?

If you are ready to explore what this means for you and to look into how I can help you uncover the woman that lives deep inside of you, then I invite you to a conversation. Book your 30 minute FREE Discovery Call and let’s unpack what is burning in your heart. Use this link to book your free, no-obligation consultation today: Let’s Chat

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