One of the many lessons that hindsight teaches us is that we should have started sooner. Hoping for the right conditions to come along, only delays what we should have started sooner. Sometimes we face crossroads in life either because we encounter choices given to us

Carole Blackburn - Life and Wellness Coach

Stop Waiting for the Light to Change

One of the many lessons that hindsight teaches us is that we should have started sooner. Hoping for the right conditions to come along, only delays what we should have started sooner.

Sometimes we face crossroads in life either because we encounter choices given to us or because we want to create our own path. As a result, the next steps can present their own set of challenges.

Today Slips into Tomorrow

Challenges can either motivate and strengthen who we are in our personal growth journey, or really cause us to stall. Instead of proceeding with confidence, we find ourselves on the road of life, waiting for the light to change.

We know deep down inside we are ready for more. We’re ready for that next big move in life, ready to start something completely new and unfamiliar… But somehow we can easily convince ourselves that today is just not the day.

It’s easy to let the day slip into tomorrow. We busy ourselves with the comfortable tasks that we are very familiar with, and that validate our strengths.

What Holds Us Back?

There are so many factors that come into play when we are on the path towards our greatest potential.

Words and thoughts running through our minds can create a gap between the person we are today, and the person we aspire to be.

We can be challenged with the self-doubt of our abilities. Maybe we are waiting for permission to take the next step. Some of us wrestle with perfectionism and ensuring everything is just right before we move forward. We have fear of the unknown or even failure.

So much of our past experiences come rushing through our thoughts, triggering reasons why we end up waiting.

At one time or another when faced with a change in your life, I know you have found yourself waiting for some sort of sign.

I want to take this opportunity to remind you that you are not alone in your journey. I hear you, and I see you because I know exactly where you are.

If we feel unsupported from those who are closest to us, we can let our deepest hopes, aspirations, and goals hang in the wind.

We may be seeking permission to continue forward. We may be waiting for everyone else around us to succeed before we think we are ready to make a move.

Aside from fear holding us back, we also know that change has a ripple effect. What you do today, impacts you tomorrow. Not to mention, everyone else around you is impacted as well.

We wait for optimal conditions.

But, ultimately when we wait and stall, and hold out for “the right time”, we may end up missing prime opportunities that we may not see again.

Finding Hope in the Process

No matter what stops us in our tracks, there are great lessons to be learned.

Your challenges can and will serve you if you acknowledge and approach them with kindness and compassion.

That may sound easier said than done. I am the first one to tell you, personal growth, and expanding into the greatest version of yourself, is not a linear process.

We have to take a step towards what we want.

First of all, we will learn more about who we are. Also, we will see ourselves as the world sees us. Suddenly, we are open to receive our gifts and to share them with the world.

Give yourself permission to take a leap of faith and see just how capable you really are!

You’re More Ready & Equipped Than You Think!

If you have been on the edge of something great, and want to pursue something new and exciting for yourself, you didn’t land there by chance.
You got to that point because you have the skills, talent, passion, experience, interest, ambition, (and the list goes on), already in your toolbox!

I always knew I WANTED and COULD become an entrepreneur AND a Life Coach. How? Because I had many years of experience in my previous careers. Those experiences lead me to a place where I could take a giant leap to follow my passions and create something new.

This didn’t come out of thin air.

Was I scared? YES!
Did I have all the answers right out of the gate? NO!
Did I wait for the perfect opportunity? Nope!
I knew deep in my soul that this is what I needed to do, so I started.

Foundational Work

Now that we have identified some of the challenges, what are the next steps?

Pro tip: Make sure to write this down and journal your plan of action, thoughts, progress/setbacks You will need to keep this handy to reference in the future!

  1. Identify exactly what it is that you are waiting for. Does this align with your deepest desires, values, and goals for yourself? 
  2. Get to the WHY and not the HOW. Planning and strategy will come once you know your whys.
  3. What is holding you back? Do you identify with the problem? If so, shifting your perspective to look at the solutions will help you break away from limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.
  4. What experience, resources, and tools do you currently have that can help you get one step closer to your next move?
  5. What can you do daily, weekly, monthly to help you move towards what you want?

“Today you are as ready as you will be tomorrow”

If this seems a lot to take in, and if maybe you are feeling overwhelmed and stuck, I want to let you know that you are not alone.

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