There is a great deal of information on developing good habits and establishing a solid routine that can build on our personal development. One of the greatest lessons I have learned over the years is that we need to be consistently intentional about what we

Carole Blackburn - Life and Wellness Coach

Stop Going in Circles

There is a great deal of information on developing good habits and establishing a solid routine that can build on our personal development. One of the greatest lessons I have learned over the years is that we need to be consistently intentional about what we are putting our time and energy into.

Is Your Daily Routine Taking You in Endless Circles?

There comes a sense of balance and flow when we have a routine that we can rely on. We become automatic to how our day unfolds – from the moment we wake up and take on our responsibilities to the time we put our head to the pillow.

But sometimes, our routines can change without realizing it. What once felt productive and purposeful, can start to feel stagnant and even mundane.

We can lose ourselves in the logistics of our tasks and responsibilities – until we realize that we have just been going through the motions.

If you have felt like you have been pouring out energy and receiving little to no sense of accomplishment or joy in return, then it may be time to consider that change needs to happen.

That starts with evaluating how you are spending your time. Your precious time. How you work, how you interact in your relationships, your home, and most importantly, how you take care of yourself.

You Are Not the Same Person You Used To Be – And That’s a Good Thing!

It’s safe to say that we should never feel like we are the same person we were 5 years ago… even 1 year ago. Our journey is never-ending and continually shaping us into becoming the person we were meant to be.

To live enriched and fulfilled lives starts with what you do with your time each and every day. And yes, that does include your daily routines and practices.

There is a misconception that we must reach a destination in order to feel joy or be happy. But the reality is that we can “do life” and be happy all at the same time! From our careers, taking care of your home and family, even the errands. We can be intentional about what we do and be completely engaged with the here and now.

There has been a common theme I am seeing and hearing that many of us have been struggling with lately. Our once normal routines have been knocked off-kilter… understandably. We have shifted into a different time, and that greatly affects us and it affects our normal routines.

Routines change because we change. But here’s the thing, the more we think about how things used to be, the more we keep ourselves locked in the past. Locked in something that doesn’t even exist anymore.

For many, including myself, this means that we were walking life in circles.

We know exactly what needs to be done to get back onto a new track, but putting it all together can feel like facing a mountain. However, I want to encourage you, in order to climb that mountain, we need to take one step at a time.

It All Starts with Your Daily Routines

There is nothing more fulfilling than starting your day focused on yourself. Setting yourself up for success means you need to be crystal clear on what you want to achieve.

If you have felt like your routine has you walking in circles, it may be time to consider changing things up. Move things around. Start from scratch and keep working at it until you find your balance.

Here are some things you can keep in mind when you are evaluating your routines:

  • Set aside time each day (preferably in the morning before the day gets started) that is completely focused on your self-care. A healthy start to your day can set the tone for how you function.
    This may include: meditation, journaling, reading, body movement & exercise. All before checking your email or smartphone.
  • Plan your day and block off time for all the important tasks. When we set time aside for what needs to be done, then we can avoid being distracted or pulled away from what we need to do.
  • Take the giant to-do list and choose 2-3 actionable items. Make them a priority. You can feel more accomplished when you set realistic expectations on what you can manage in a day.
  • Create habits that support your mental and physical health. The more you work on those habits, the more automatic they become – the ultimate result is that your mind-body connection is optimal.

The more we can put our time and energy into the things that will help our lives function in a way that gives us meaning and purpose, the more we thrive. We don’t have to wait for the next big thing to happen to be happy. Find joy in the day-to-day functions of your life.

“We can thrive in the here and now. Our everyday living.”

If something is just not working for you or you have not seen the results you desire to have, it’s just a matter of focusing on what changes you can create to help you feel aligned with your greatest self. To feel good about yourself. To wake up feeling motivated and energetic, even when you face challenges.

Life is not a linear process. We move up and down and side to side. But you grow each time you give yourself the opportunity to see your life with a new perspective – and it starts with your daily routines.

To learn more information on how I can help offer insight and a fresh perspective on what you may be challenged by, I invite you to book a free consultation.