Goals. One of the most commonly used words in the personal growth and development industry. Or for that matter in any aspect of life. According to the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, the meaning of “goal” is – the end toward which effort is directed. That seems pretty

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Slide Your Goals off the Backburner

Goals. One of the most commonly used words in the personal growth and development industry. Or for that matter in any aspect of life. According to the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, the meaning of “goal” is – the end toward which effort is directed.

That seems pretty simple. We have an idea and envision what we desire. Then we plan and execute the plan. Finally, we reach our goal. In theory, yes, it is simple. But in reality, it’s not that simple. It’s more complex than ready, set, go!

For Some People the Ideas, Envisioning, and Planning Stages Are the Easy Part. It’s Easy Because We Have Yet to Start and Take Action

Taking action is probably the single hardest step in the goal setting process. From my personal and professional experience, the challenge of starting is what typically stalls most people from accomplishing a goal.

We may not feel informed enough about what we are trying to set out to do. Or our inner-voice is telling us all the reasons why we can’t or shouldn’t move forward. Even the past can creep in and reminds us of a few setbacks we have had, and lowers our self-confidence.

It Feels Safe When We Are Dreaming About the Goal

… Because dreaming is not the actual doing. The dream is so important because it’s the seed that is planted within you. However, without watering and nurturing that seed it will never grow… or it’s left waiting on the back burner.

We can also get trapped in the ‘when-how-where’ cycle. What we neglect to think about is the why.

Why is this goal so important? How do you want to feel in the process of goal setting and the outcome? Once you have your answer, ask it again! We need to be deeply ingrained into the why. And that becomes your driving force. Your motivation and your reason to take action.

When We Desire Either to Achieve or to Have Something and to Set a Goal – We Put a Lot of Emphasis on the Outcome

Which is really good to have, but there is a backfire effect that can happen when we are so focused on the outcome.

When we keep our eyes on what we feel is the best outcome we desire, we are setting ourselves up for potential disappointment. We can never truly know how something is going to work out. Unexpected twists and turns can arise. Our human tendency may have us trying to control the outcome and forcing it to what we think something should be. Both of which can really deflate our process and our progress.

What we need to do instead is have that beautiful goal out there, but truly live in the moment. In the here and now. Each day, each step and each action you take will teach you something new about yourself, and what you desire to have in life.

There May Be a Better Outcome Waiting for You

There may be some things you need to learn along the way. Those things may even tell you that the goals you thought you needed may not be suitable, and therefore you need to adapt and pivot along the way.

We have to be willing to accept the changes… to learn from them. The reason why most goals are not accomplished is because we allow defeat to stop us. We take a setback as failure and therefore give up all together.

Is It Time to Slide Your Goals off the Backburner?

Now is a good time to get clear on what you really want. To take a step back and reassess what you want in the big areas of your life. Finances, relationships, physical health, career/business, etc. Whatever stands out to you the most, that is where you begin.

Start with having the desired outcome and work backwards, setting small milestone flag posts along your journey.

There may be limiting beliefs that want to hold you back from taking each step along the way. That is normal when we are reaching for something we want. Take that challenge as a sign of growth. Understand where it is coming from and find it within yourself to push past it.

How to Get Support When Taking Your Goals off the Back Burner

I have achieved some of my biggest goals when I had support and accountability. I also see some of the greatest challenges overcome when I work with my clients on their own journey.

Here are some steps you can take to get your goals from the back burner to the forefront of your life:

  • List out what you want to work towards. Remember to get right down to why you want to make it your goal.
  • Have an action plan that someone else can take a look at. They can help you along the way, and hold you accountable for what you want to achieve. Celebrate the milestones, and assess the setbacks in a compassionate and constructive way. This is also a way to voice your inner thoughts and get it out of your head. One of the most important elements you can bring into your life is insight and a fresh perspective.
  • Keep track of your progress. Although we are always looking for ways to keep moving forward, sometimes we need to be reminded of what we have already accomplished. This is one step many people don’t do and they forget to see just how far they have come.
  • Remember to live each day in the moment. It’s good to know where you want to go. Over and above that, when you enjoy the journey, the process is so much more enjoyable.

Do you want to bring a goal that you have been putting off into an actionable plan that you can start on right away? I am here to help! But first, let’s have a conversation and see where it can take you. 

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