Working with Carole

“I help women who have lost themselves reclaim their lives, find and achieve their new identity, passions, and goals, so that they can show up better for their loved ones, and most importantly for themselves.”  ~ Carole Blackburn

Signature Strategy

Tools, resources, and exercises are part of the program but will be catered towards each individual person.

Each session is focused on changing what is no longer working in your life.

In the first place, let’s discuss what holds you down, and makes you feel like you are constantly living for everyone but yourself.

Together, we will peel back the layers of your life. Above all, we will rediscover the strong, confident woman who is ready to make the absolute best of herself!

This is YOUR journey…

Six-Month Personal Transformative Packages

Signature Strategy

* exercises will vary depending on each individual session and client

Price starts in the mid-four-figures

VIP Signature Strategy

* exercises will vary depending on each individual session and client.
** 6 month access to workshops/programs will commence upon receiving 1st payment for the coaching program. Excludes group coaching programs.

Price starts in the mid-four-figures


Ready for Change?

Most women face a point in their lives where they feel like the overwhelm of the day-to-day has taken its toll. Consequently, they are ready for change… even though they may not know exactly what that change is.

Sometimes, a major life transformation can leave us feeling depleted, unfulfilled, and with a total lack of self-confidence.

But too often, women get caught in the logistics of keeping all their roles functioning. As a result, they lose themselves in the waves of life.

Are you tired of wondering to yourself “Is this it for me?

  • Do you find yourself feeling like you are lost in your own life, and have no idea where to start discovering the woman you are deep down inside?

  • It can be stressful to feel lost or uncertain about the direction of your life, especially when there are so many moving parts.

  • As women, in particular, we can find ourselves in a secondary role to everything and everyone around us that matter the most.

  • Soon, dreams, ambitions, hopes, and goals slowly take a back seat. Finally, we are left feeling like a stranger in our own lives.

What if there was a way to discover who you are again?

Every woman deserves to live an enriched, fulfilled and robust life, full of joy and happiness.

First, let’s uncover all the hidden gems inside you, and help you find the courage to show up for yourself. Likewise, you can still take care of those who matter to you the most.

Once you rediscover your confidence and strong sense of self, you can blossom through each of the roles women take on in life.

Become better equipped to handle the day-to-day challenges, in addition to feeling like your purpose is met, and you are living your best life.