The Hustle Culture - Carole Blackburn - Life and Wellness Coach

Reversing the Hustle Culture: It Starts With You.

Something that has been very apparent to me lately is the glorification of the hustle culture. The busier we are the ‘better’ we look to the outside world. For example, managing our family’s activities, putting in long hours at work or in business, overthinking every detail of the days and weeks to come, and desperately trying to fit in healthy habits to gain some traction towards feeling our best. So many people are struggling with the chaos of day-to-day life.

Every person is different but the fundamental issues are the same. The more we put the pressure on ourselves to do more and be more, the more likely we are to let ourselves down.

Admittedly, that is where I was a few years back. Ultimately, it became overwhelming to even think about what I was putting on my plate in order to keep up with the demands of life.

The Hamster Wheel of Life

As a single parent, entrepreneur and community leader, I felt a tremendous amount of pressure to make sure I was working really, really hard in order to stay focused on my responsibilities. It’s a part of life to manage our day-to-day duties. But when it starts to affect us as individuals, that is where we need to take a step back.

We all think that if we just get through this week or this month, things will be better. If we just finish this one big project at work, things will calm down. If we just make it to Monday, then the stress won’t be as bad. THEN we can start looking at prioritizing our health.

But when the unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves fail us, the impact of how we seemingly “failed” ourselves knocks down our confidence. The inner critic has a loud voice. It can trick our minds into thinking we need to do more – be more – take on more!

This is a vicious cycle that keeps us running on the hamster wheel of life. As a result, it stops us from really living out our lives with more harmony.

It’s Time to Reverse the Hustle Culture So You Can Bring Harmony That Allows You to Live a Vibrant Life.

Here is what I want to give you permission not to do…

  • You don’t have to hustle in order to be successful.
  • You don’t have to constantly accept chaos in order to get through life.
  • You don’t have to run yourself into the ground for everyone else and neglect the one person who deserves all the care in the world. And that my friend, is YOU!

You DO deserve to take a fresh approach at what has not been serving you all this time. Give yourself the space you NEED and truly DESERVE in order to shift the way you approach every aspect of your life with renewal and hope.

When we take a moment to really assess where we are in all aspects of our lives, then we can see where we either need to change what is no longer working for us. Furthermore, we can take steps to incorporate who we are into why we do what we do each day.

The Foundation of Who You Are

Goals start to take on new meaning once you clearly see the gaps in how things are going for you now. A new perspective brings new hope. But it all has to start with the decision to take the time to evaluate (without judgment) what exactly is happening now in your life.

This is getting back to the foundations of who you are and the life you want to design. Thereby, no matter what stage you are in, this process is life-giving. You will find the time and energy you thought you once lost, as well as bring awareness to what matters most in your life including your health, relationships, work, personal goals and so much more.

I have developed a self-paced course to help you get to the foundation of who you are and help you refocus where you need and want to direct your energy.

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