We all learn behaviours, values, and beliefs at a young age. Starting from the way we were brought up to the choices we make in life, we are influenced by what we have experienced and how we adapt to our environment. We carry a lot

Carole Blackburn - Life and Wellness Coach

Let Go of the Baggage

We all learn behaviours, values, and beliefs at a young age. Starting from the way we were brought up to the choices we make in life, we are influenced by what we have experienced and how we adapt to our environment.

We carry a lot of who we are from our past – our greatest strengths and our greatest challenges

Our instincts want to protect us from hurt and pain. A traumatic or challenging experience may hold us back from pushing ourselves to become the person we want to be.

If you were told all the reasons why you couldn’t do something, that will stick with you throughout your entire life. The small voice inside of you reminds you of all the reasons you can’t or shouldn’t.

Therefore when taking chances in life, naturally self-protection convinces us that we have to play it safe. Not to push the boundaries, even though we are not content with where we are.

On the other hand, we also take with us some valuable life lessons that help us along the way. We gain insight into who we are, what we are capable of, and who we want to become.

We Need to Let Go of What Tethers Us to the Past

I know you have heard several times that we need to let go of what no longer serves us, and that forgiveness is part of doing the work. Forgiveness of others, and forgiveness of ourselves.

When we can start to see the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves, we can start to understand where we need to do the work.

Changing thought patterns that hold us down, and stop us from stepping out and becoming who we are meant to be.

It takes patience and practice to shift away from living life looking over your shoulder – being reminded of the things that held you back. But the good news is – it can be done!

You can let go of the baggage and rediscover who you are, away from the things that hold you back.

Picture for a moment that you are walking; dragging an extra-large sack filled with bricks. You are pulling and pulling on this heavy bag as you try to walk forward.

Each brick represents something that you have held on to. An argument with a cherished friend, mistakes, a relationship that didn’t last, a criticism you didn’t deserve.

From your earliest memory to now, you held on to this sack; adding bricks as you walk through life.

I know this seems like a grim description. But I want you to visualize what it looks like, and to help you understand what it means to carry all of our baggage around.

Here is where you can change what you carry with you.

Now, I want you to imagine that brick by brick you acknowledge each experience and toss it away.

You forgive someone for harsh words spoken, you decide that you are enough and you are worth what you want out of life. You do deserve to take care of yourself despite all of the demands you have.

The load Gets Lighter and You Walk Upright with Freedom – Looking Forward!

Whatever it is that you are carrying, I want you to take some time each day to work towards finally letting go of it and lightening your load.

Here are some steps you can take:

Pro Tip: Make sure to write your thoughts down in your journal so you can release what you are holding on to, and you can keep track of all of the amazing progress you are making.

  • In a quiet space, ponder and answer these questions: What is the still voice inside of you telling you that you can identify as a challenge? How can you have compassion for yourself as you think about it? How does it make you feel? How can you start to replace the hurt with something that will fill you with joy and happiness?
  • Change a negative thought pattern: You must first identify the story that you are telling yourself. Acknowledge your thoughts without judgment. This gives you the space to change the internal dialogue to something that brings you peace and acceptance.
  • Shift your perspective: See yourself as someone who is capable of creating change that brings you to a place where you can move forward. That begins with looking at your current situation from an outside perspective. If that feels difficult to do (which it can) work with someone who can offer you unbiased guidance.
  • Practice visualization: Imagine who you will become once you let go of something that has held you back. What are you doing? Who is with you? What are you feeling in that moment of release and clarity?

All of the exercises above are designed to help you see yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Impactful change can happen when we decide to put in the work.

Letting go of the baggage that no longer serves you will lighten your load, set boundaries around what you want to protect and nurture, and most importantly, enable you to allow opportunities into your life that you never thought possible.

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