It can be difficult to imagine a hopeful future in the eye of the pandemic storm. From the information we hear in the media to the conversations that are happening in our homes, the biggest questions we ask ourselves come from a place of fear.

Finding Gratitude During a Pandemic - Carole Blackburn - Life and Wellness Coach

Finding Gratitude During a Pandemic

It can be difficult to imagine a hopeful future in the eye of the pandemic storm. From the information we hear in the media to the conversations that are happening in our homes, the biggest questions we ask ourselves come from a place of fear.

We Still Have to Live Life

How can we overcome this? Will life ever be the same as it was? How much more of this can I handle?! It’s hard to avoid these (and many) valid questions. We think about them even when we are not aware of them.

The unknowns and the what-ifs of our current state are often unanswered or skewed by interpretations and opinions. There is a lot we do not have control over right now, and that feeling of helplessness at times can be tiring.

We hear and use terms like COVID fatigue, and ZOOM fatigue which is very real. We know that our mental health is carrying the burden we have. There is a global sense that our collective energy is low.

The reality is that we have a responsibility to take care of ourselves. To take care of our loved ones and to take care of those who need us, whether it is in our community, in our schools, in the work that we do, or beyond.

Even though we have to be personally responsible for the greater cause, we still have to live life and be equipped through it all.

Taking Into Account All the Good Around Us

I often get asked what advice I would offer people who are really struggling right now. Regardless of the situation, I believe that we need to take a rest from the heaviness and focus on the blessings we already have. Even if it’s just for a moment or two a day.

To take a step back and really think about good things that are already happening in your life is a way to be present and intentional in your life, right where you are.

Studies have shown that spending time in gratitude each day can lower stress levels. We shift the focus away from the challenge. Instead, seek what is real and evident right now. All that we are blessed with.

Spending time in gratitude and sharing kindness have an effect on us that we often take for granted. When you think about someone in your life that brings you joy and puts a smile on your face and thank that person for being a part of your life, it instantly calms our hearts and minds.

When you take intentional time each day to not only acknowledge what you are grateful for but why you feel that gratitude, it exposes the meaning of the goodness that is in your possession. Both in the literal sense and the figurative sense as well.

The Rewards of Gratitude

Spending quiet moments in an intentional state of gratitude not only helps to lower stress levels, but also opens your mindset to a more positive outlook on life. Slowly but surely, you will focus on the small and subtle things that we seemingly tend to overlook. As a result, they have new meaning because we are seeing – feeling – experiencing life with less of a mental and emotional load to carry.

We are looking beyond the problem or the challenge. We can see the details of our lives that have always been there. They have so much love and light and goodness right in them.

Mindful and intentional time of gratitude each day, each week, and each month will create more space to attract the abundance of life we all desire.

Start the Day in a Space of Gratitude

To see results, we must take responsibility for taking action. Starting your day with a mindfulness practice and, in this case, spending time in gratitude helps to set the tone for your day.

Take 5-10 minutes before the busyness of your day takes off and write down 2-3 things in your life that you are grateful for. Go deeper and explain why you feel blessed and grateful for what came to your mind. For example:

  • It can be a person (or people). Why do you appreciate them so much?
  • It can be your home. Why do you feel your home makes you feel good?
  • It can be your health. What is it about your health that you want to acknowledge in a good and positive way?

Simple steps towards your personal care start in a place of openness, gratitude, and the desire to see the world as a much better place – all starts with you. Small positive habits will become a part of your lifestyle. Also, they will contribute to your overall health and wellness, even in a time of uncertainty.

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