We are about to dive deeper into a topic that each and every one of my clients has spent thoughtful time working through: finding your passions. A big loaded statement that has very different meanings for each one of us; as unique as we are.

Carole Blackburn - Life and Wellness Coach

Find Your Passion

We are about to dive deeper into a topic that each and every one of my clients has spent thoughtful time working through: finding your passions.

A big loaded statement that has very different meanings for each one of us; as unique as we are.

Opening Up to Possibilities

I myself have spent a great deal of my personal growth journey focusing inward, and opening up to possibilities that I never thought imaginable at this stage of my life.

Possibilities I never would have explored, had I not gotten acquainted with my passions again.

As a younger, fearless version of myself, I always had a sense of adventure that stemmed from my passions. But as I grew older and headed into a different direction of my life, the light started to dim.

I share this with you because it’s more common than we think.

We lose sight of things that were once so deeply ingrained in who we were.

It’s nothing that we should be ashamed of. It’s nothing to beat ourselves up for. Do you feel like you are not connected with your passions, and for that matter, your purpose? Then I am here to tell you, you have the ability to turn that all around.

Passion Enhances Our Sense of Purpose

Passion is not just about doing something. Yes, the result of exploring your passion is by taking action. But more so, it’s about a feeling. A feeling that runs through your body. Your mind processes thoughts and insights about what you are deeply committed to exploring – creating passion.

As we grow older and wiser, our passions may change. We adapt our passions to our life experiences. What we have strong beliefs about. What has impacted us so much, that it has led us into a direction that we never imagined.

But on the other hand, as we get older, and as life changes the course of where we intended to go, we can easily lose passion. The fire has been put out. Maybe even forgotten.

Remember the Life You Use to Dream Of?

Think of a time in your life when you felt carefree. Maybe as a child with limitless dreams of adventure. Or as a young adult, when you took on the world and your ambitions were sky-high.

When we stop to think, there are so many moments in our lives that were fueled by passion.

Passion for a cause, something that you desired to be, and enthusiastic enjoyment of an idea. Even passion towards another person.

There is a freedom that comes with letting your imagination fire up ideas. We let go of inhibitions and barriers. We allow ourselves to think beyond our capabilities, and we bravely dare to extend who we are, and what we want to discover.

Fired up. Engaged with life around us. Open to looking for those clues that call us. Call us to ask ourselves: “How can I make this happen?” and off we go to learn and submerge ourselves into that feeling. The idea.

Getting Connected Once Again…

Finding your passion is all about letting go of what is stopping you now. It’s allowing yourself the freedom to think boldly, even if you don’t have the answers just yet.

It’s paying attention to that still voice within you that whispers “What about this idea…” or “Remember how much you used to love…”

The idea behind getting in touch with your passions, is it has to become something you work towards every day. It becomes a part of your life.

The groundwork starts with giving yourself permission to explore.

Here are some actionable steps you can take to help you find clarity in igniting your passions once again.

  • Pro tip: Working on your personal growth at least 20 minutes a day will significantly increase your ability to make changes for yourself and explore what you want to discover (or rediscover) once again!
  • Write down what you would love to do: It can be anything from leisure activities, hobbies, a career path you once considered, a dream of opening your own shop. Write it all down. No limits or conditions – just let it flow from you.
  • From your list: Is there anything that stands out to you that gives you a spark?
  • What stopped you from taking action in the past: Without judgement or blame, write down why some of the things you listed above did not happen.
  • Start with one: Choose something from your list that really stands out to you and imagine your future self – doing what it is that brings you passion. How do you feel? What do you see? Where are you? Who is with you? Visualization is a powerful tool to use on a regular basis to create the path towards your passions.
  • Take action: What can you do today that will get you one step closer to pursuing your passion?

What If I Can?

Life is sweeter when we are doing the things we love. When we no longer allow all the reasons why something can’t happen to stand in our way. By turning the fear of “what if I can’t” to what if I can”.

Sometimes you just need to talk things out. Have a safe space to get your ideas, desires and possibilities out into the open. A place where you can have the freedom and support to explore what your passions are and to take action.

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