Imposter Syndrome- Carole Blackburn - Life and Wellness Coach

Do You Suffer From Imposter Syndrome? You Are Not Alone!

When I started my business, I was pretty determined to work hard, learn each day how to be a better Coach and business owner. I made sure that I was following what my heart was telling me for so many years… go after what I wanted in life!

Leaving behind all the things I did not want to do in my work and career, I headed into the land of entrepreneurship. No longer was I under the helm of working for others. (Don’t get me wrong – there are great companies out there to work for). But in my case, I had this burning desire to create a business that was aligned with what I wanted to do. And that was to serve and help others.

Starting Something New

I knew starting from scratch was going to be a challenge. Just like anything we do in life, starting from the beginning takes effort and consistency. First, we have to learn so much, and that can all feel really overwhelming. Also, we make mistakes, and we stumble along the way. However, we have a vision of what we want it all to look like. So we set the goal and work towards it.

Pretty simple right?

I’m sure you can relate to this in one way or another. Maybe you didn’t start a new business. Perhaps you started a new job or started a family. Maybe you needed to make some big changes for health reasons. I know that at one point in your life, and possibly several, you had taken on something that was going to be a challenge, but in the end, something that you really wanted for yourself.


Even though I had been working towards something I wholeheartedly wanted, I never expected how hard it would be to battle what my inner-critic was reminding me every single day.

“Who are you to do this?”
“You don’t know what you’re doing!”
“There are people out there doing this work that are better than you!”

When things were not going the way I had expected them to go, these thoughts would overwhelm me.

When I had a successful day and had much to be proud of, still the whispers would creep in… “it was just a fluke that you pulled that off.”

How could I want something so badly and yet have these crazy thoughts going through my head? Making me feel less than capable. Making me feel like at any given moment, I could just throw in the towel and give up.

It was like a push-pull battle happening. One day it was great and the next, I was questioning myself and my decisions.

Maybe you have felt this way before. Maybe you are feeling it right now.
Questioning your talents and abilities.
Doubting yourself, even though your hard work and determination have brought you this far.
Criticizing yourself for not doing better or not doing as well as someone else, instead of relishing in your achievements.

This shows up for women at so many levels. From how we parent, to how we perform in our careers. Even how we perceive ourselves and our self-image.

Imposter Syndrome

Women have been taken hostage by IMPOSTER SYNDROME. And I am here to tell you, it is not your fault and you are certainly not alone!

Imposter syndrome is a crisis that I believe we collectively need to become more aware of and bring to light instead of suffering in silence.

Where did it all come from? Well, I believe it has been a part of our cultural and societal conditioning that we have inherited for generations. But that is a whole other discussion.

What I want to address right now is how do we calm the inner-critic that doesn’t allow us to accept a compliment for the good work we do. Or take the promotion as an indication that we deserved it and earned it.

Whatever it is for you, I want you to remember a few key things.

  • Get the support that you need. When you have a tribe of like-minded people to help you remember why you are doing what you are doing, it helps to stay focused on all the good that you are doing in the world.
  • Ditch the comparison! Stay in your own lane and stop looking at others’ success if it reminds you that you are not at their level. Remember, where you are in your journey belongs to you.
  • Own your worth! You didn’t get this far by simply flying under the radar or by fluke. You worked hard to get to where you are, so value that!
  • Track your progress and achievements. It’s easier to see the mountain we have to climb and think we have not made any progress. But if you look back and see the wins, the success, the milestones you made then that will be a motivation to keep pressing forward.

You Have the Power

The power you hold in your heart and in your mind can outweigh the feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. Be the woman that you have always wanted to be and don’t allow yourself to be taken down by feeling like a ‘fraud’. Because this world needs all of the good you have to give and it’s time you own your value.

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