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Change: Saying YES to Getting Uncomfortable

Lately, I have found myself doing the things I was wishing and hoping I could do when I launched my business 4 years ago. For instance, I had dreams of working with incredible people, and helping them realize how they can change their lives and step into their greatest potential.

I could see myself giving talks and touching people’s lives by sharing my journey and how I did a 180 in my own life out of some of my darkest days. And the greatest lessons I have learned along the way.

In fact, I sat with this nudging for a long time. But honestly, I silenced that inner calling. The voice that was telling me I was meant for more. I could be more! I felt it deep in my bones. But I had no clue how on earth I could do anything, and if I was even capable of doing it all on my own.

The Decision for Change May be Out of Your Control

It all started when I lost my job back in the fall of 2010. The news came both as a shock and as a relief. Moreover, the wrestling between my intuition and the inner-critic was confusing. Therefore, I spent time getting to the root of what I really wanted out of life. Should I either continue to look for a job that was exactly what I was doing for the longest time, and something I was good at, or was I ready to listen to what my inner guide was telling me?

I have a family to feed and a home to provide for. Furthermore, I have neither the time nor the capability to start over, better yet… start a business!
“Go back to what you know and you’re comfortable with. You’re too old and not skilled to start something new.” said the inner-critic.
“Trust the process and follow your dreams. Nothing is impossible because you have this within you.” said my intuition.

Consequently, the decision was made for me. Somehow, that inner nudging for more showed up in a way that I completely didn’t expect. As a result, I was pushed off the cliff and my wings grew in.

When You Feel Like You’re Restless, it’s Time to Look Deeper

It goes without saying that we tend to stay in our comfort zone throughout life. However, when we find ourselves restless in an area of our life, and we know we need to make a change, the thought of moving past the comforts of what we know can outweigh the possibilities of what can be.

Comfort is a nurturing feeling. It keeps us safe and warm. Hence, there is security in knowing everything is just as it should be.

But here is what I have realized in my own work and in the work I do with my clients… comfort can be disguised as fear. Fear of daring to be curious. Fear of the unknown. As well as, fear that if we move from this comfort, we may end up falling flat.

The truth is, we end up missing out on the deep calling we all have within. Whereas, if we are quiet enough to stop and listen, to trust that our inner guide is looking out for us and wants to make our lives even more enriched, we can hear the stillness in knowing that discomfort can move us to places we never imagined would come true for us.

The dreams are there… and they are realized.


Have you ever thought about a change in career or starting a business, but the list of all the reasons why you can’t, won’t, shouldn’t feel like they outweigh the joy and happiness that could come if you shifted your perspective?

Do you imagine yourself, in your own definition, being adventurous to try new things, and surrounding yourself with people who can lift you up to the person you always wanted to be?

Most importantly, is it possible to allow the discomfort of change in order to give yourself the courage to just try? To start? To investigate what your intuition has been gently telling you all along?

One Foot in Front of the Other

You don’t have to have it all figured out. In fact, you just have to trust that one step, one shift. Giving yourself the opportunity to learn as you go can lead you to what you have always wished and hoped for yourself. Consequently, aligning yourself with the right people and the right conditions to make your dreams your actual reality.

You will make mistakes and you will have victorious wins. Sometimes, you will want to quit until you are reminded that you’re on the right path. Also, you will face challenges… but in the challenge you will grow, and thrive, and flourish.

On that day in the fall of 2010, my path began to where I am now. Happy. Confident. Capable. Willing to get more uncomfortable with every turn to see how far I can go. Ultimately, I will never regret the decision I made to move from the comforts of my old world to where I am now. Even though I had to cry a few tears and lean into some trusted people to help me along the way.

I know this can happen for you too. You’re never either too old or too young to realize your potential. You’re never going to witness your own version of success unless you understand that failing is a part of the process: To figure out and to refine your dreams, and to actually make them happen.

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