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Embracing Our True Identity: Rediscovering the Woman Within


In the hustle and bustle of our lives, it's easy for women to lose touch with their true identities. Let's delve into the importance of embracing our true identity and explore practical steps to reconnect with the amazing women we are.

Embracing Our True Identity: Rediscovering the Woman Within2023-07-13T03:33:34-04:00

The Self-Love Journey


Imagine for a moment, you are standing on a cliff, looking out at the vast landscape of rolling vistas, colours, nature, and the beauty that surrounds you. You feel at peace, in awe of what your eyes are witnessing. It’s a deep sense of pureness The Self-Love Journey Imagine [...]

The Self-Love Journey2021-06-11T02:41:03-04:00

What is a Life Coach?


Recently, I was having a conversation with someone who asked me what I did for a living. I cheerfully replied “I’m a personal life coach” with the understanding that every person should know what that is… right? No, that was an assumption on my part. What is a Life [...]

What is a Life Coach?2021-06-11T02:41:54-04:00

Find Your Passion


We are about to dive deeper into a topic that each and every one of my clients has spent thoughtful time working through: finding your passions. A big loaded statement that has very different meanings for each one of us; as unique as we are. Find Your Passion [...]

Find Your Passion2021-06-11T02:43:32-04:00

Let Go of the Baggage


We all learn behaviours, values, and beliefs at a young age. Starting from the way we were brought up to the choices we make in life, we are influenced by what we have experienced and how we adapt to our environment. We carry a lot Let Go of the Baggage [...]

Let Go of the Baggage2021-06-11T02:44:20-04:00

Stop Going in Circles


There is a great deal of information on developing good habits and establishing a solid routine that can build on our personal development. One of the greatest lessons I have learned over the years is that we need to be consistently intentional about what we Stop Going in Circles [...]

Stop Going in Circles2021-06-11T02:45:13-04:00

Take the Fork in the Road


Sometimes in life, we are faced with very big decisions to make: a change in career; looking at what direction a personal relationship is going; or learning how to love ourselves again. There are times when you may have been agonizing over what to do next. Take the Fork [...]

Take the Fork in the Road2021-06-11T02:46:52-04:00

Personal Growth


This is not the time to give up on ourselves, our hopes, our dreams, and our goals in life. In fact, we should be putting our fullest attention into our personal growth. Before I get into why I feel it is so important to take this time Personal Growth [...]

Personal Growth2021-06-11T02:47:42-04:00
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