Emotional Struggles During The Holiday Season


It’s that time of year where Christmas cheer fills the air everywhere you go. Lights twinkle, snow covers the land, shopper’s hustle and bustle to their favourite Christmas tunes. It’s Christmas everywhere you turn! This is a time where we get together with family, friends Emotional Struggles During The Holiday [...]

Emotional Struggles During The Holiday Season2022-08-30T23:14:52-04:00

Self-Discovery – After a Relationship Ends


We have all had a relationship break down at some point in our lives. Specifically, I’m talking about a marriage, life-partnership, common law relationship, where lives are intertwined. As such, each person has committed and invested their lives to the other, in hopes that this Self-Discovery – After a Relationship [...]

Self-Discovery – After a Relationship Ends2021-06-11T02:55:39-04:00

Consider Your Inner Circle


Have you ever really put much thought into your "Inner Circle"? The network of close friends or family members who are influencers in your life? We all have those really close friends and confidants who we trust explicitly. But sometimes the relationship we have may Consider Your Inner Circle. [...]

Consider Your Inner Circle2021-06-11T02:56:31-04:00
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