Carole Blackburn

Certified Life Coach in Ottawa

Carole’s personal journey and track record of turning adversity into opportunity is sure to make you feel inspired. In fact, that is what drives her career as a life coach. While she worked through the profound challenges in her own life, she also found ways to help others. Since then, Carole uses her strength and knowledge to help people achieve their own unique version of personal success.

Carole has always been highly motivated, as well as super motivational. Also, her spirit and her energy are infectious. Above all, her heart shines through in her warm and comforting smile.

Most notably, she has a long standing history of excellence. For example, Carole has received awards of recognition for her achievements and for her outstanding performance. She leads with passion and strength. In addition, she overcomes challenges, and she inspires everyone around her along the way.

Overall, Carole is woman for women. To summarize, she has found both a balance and a life rhythm, which she has devoted herself to sharing with those who are searching for the same.

From Adversity to Personal Victory

Transforming Your Life in 6 Months

Life and Wellness

Motivation and Support

Carole is a mother of two kind, bright, and loving children. She shares her strength, experience, and education with women who welcome her support, her energy, as well as her motivation. In fact, she has always aspired to inspire!

Carole is a professional Life and Wellness Coach. She is certified by the Certified Coaches Federation. Also, she has a diploma in Social Sciences.

Among Carole’s many personal and professional attributes, is her commitment to empower and encourage women. For instance, she helps them to achieve personal excellence in their own goals.

Carole is based in Ottawa. She offers personal and corporate Life and Wellness Coaching services through video conference across Canada.